ladies love it, should you?

This is the first daily blog post about the wine we encounter in our restaurant.

I thought that I would write about our most popular wine currently on the wine list, strangely as it is the middle of winter this wine is white in colour and light in flavour, go figure? 

Do the punters not like a challenge or is this wine just super easy to have two glasses of?


We get some wonderful ripe pear characters and good texture but of course the nose is super restrained as is often the case with Pinot Gris.  

I have not seen many wines from this part of South Australia on the lists here in Victoria, which after tasting this wine seems a shame, the soils impart a wonderful minerality to this often bland flabby and grape variety. ( a friends father who grows some of the finest Shiraz in Australia calls Pinot Gris "Blancmange" ) This wine is streets ahead of many local Pinot Gris, and I feel like I might just have a second glass myself.

Here is a link to the growers site, and for all of you restaurant people out there that have access to wholesale wine buying get in touch with Libby Bentley at Bentley Wines here, she has some really excellent growers in her portfolio including these guys and Craiglee to name two.

Check out this post about pinot gris very interesting for those who want more details about the variety Thanks again to Jancis for your website & research.