Wimbleton Winter & Gin

The thing with the Wimbleton fever that hits us each year in Australia is that we are on the other side of the planet and therefore in the midst of winter ( I think that that is why the weather looks so damm good), which is a pity as I can never really muster up the right level of excitment about the most famous of all gin drinks the Pimms no 1. (the un-official lawn tennis drink) , In summer it is a different story, the Pimms flows out the door, we planted some borage last year so that we could make the drink in the real traditional sense with borage leaves and flowers, fruit, berries and not mint as is the way it is done in most bars these days.  

While it is not currently the most famous gin drink around, the Melbourne Gin Company is totally on the up and up these days, Andrew Marks who is the creator spent many many evenings in our last bar ( the panama dining room) testing all the gins we had on offer while playing pool, hopefully they helped not hindered the creative process.

I am a bit of a purist when it comes to gin cocktails and at the bar we love to serve up a dry martini with our home grown olives.

Here is a link to Andrews Twitter account twitter.com/@MelbourneGinCo ( get on board and buy some if you see it around, it is in Dan Murphy's now ). I think is the best Martini scence in any recent movie, is in the lamest of all food movies Julia and Julia, where Merryl Streep is making them by the jug full I really wish we could do that at Cakes and Ale but the law really would not approve I think. The images below are by an english artist  named Hogath and they are a early piece of political propaganda relating to a law restricting gin, here is a link to an articla about the paintings www.artble.com