Patrick Puize Terroir

We have just started listing at Cakes and Ale a new producer from Burgundy named Patrick Puize. This interesting winemaker is a French Canadian ex bar owner who decided to move to the heartland of French Chardonnay wine making, Chablis and start making wine.

I think that being a person whom has worked on the coal face of wine sales where he interacted with Joe Public on a daily basis in his bar serving customers drinks and seeing their reaction to the wine, has created a really interesting influence on Patrick Piuze. I find that even though his wines are most certainly complex, interesting and thought provoking, they are also approachable and therefore of interest to Joe Public with out heaps of wine knowledge because they make a damn fine drink.

Yesterday we opened a bottle of his terroir  ‘Terrior de Chichee’ 2012 vintage, this wine had such a wonderful fine acidity, soft green apple notes on the palate with a restrained bitter almond finish that just had the most amazing length. 

This wine is part of a series of different terroir based village wines from Maison Patrick Puize each made in a style to really showcase the individual charateristics of the vineyard sites.

Here is a link to the Puize web site, if you are in the restaurant game in australia Domaine Wine Shippers are the importers for these wine. We will try to keep a couple of these wines on the list so if you are in the Sorrento area come in to Cakes and Ale and have a bottle or two?

Above is some crazy good Burgundian furniture design, those annoying Frenchies can also craft things other than wine.