Life is a Cabernet

Both Barossa Valley and Cabernet are words that instill a level of fear into me when asked to taste them. I have tried so many bad wines with both of these words on the label that I now have a reluctance to them. While Cabernet is one of the French "noble grape" varieties and when it is good it can be great (Link to an article about Cabernet production), so many wines made with this grape are unbalanced, green and thin. 

So when I was poured a glass of Kaelser 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon a week or so ago I was not very excited to say the least. But thanks Alex at pure wine for forcing it upon me, with gentle fine tannins softly cradling the ripe plummy dark fruit and a heady rich purfume engaging with you as you drink it, this wine is all it should be.