Taste of Sorrento at Cakes and Ale

Cakes and Ale hosting a range of events over the Taste of Sorrento festival

A Toast To Lu lu (Click for link to menu)

She is not a chef, restaurateur or food writer but in her 97 years,LuLu Peyraud has played a key role in shaping the food culture we all enjoy. 

In 1940 LuLu and her winemaker husband Lucien embarked on creating Domaine Tempier in the Bandol region of Provence. Then a backwater in terms of quality wine production the couple worked hard to forge an entirely new market for their wine. LuLu set about doing this with what was at her disposal: an inexhaustible appetite for hospitality, deeply rooted knowledge of the cooking of the area, and the exceptional produce of her garden and the nearby Mediterranean.

As Lucien's wine and the Bandol region became recognised, so to did LuLu's kitchen. Through expatriate American food and wine writer and neighbour Richard Olney, LuLu's hospitality deeply influenced people such as Elizabeth David and Alice Waters. It is their (among many others) interpretation of this food, lifestyle and attitude to produce that has had such a far reaching effect on western food culture.

Three courses for $65 a head


Seafood Thursday (Click for link to menu)

 We'd love to see you for Seafood Thursday, its becoming a favourite for many of our regular diners. Last week a Basque style calamari and chorizo stew made everyone happy. Check out the blackboard each Thursday afternoon to see what we're dishing up as our $20 main course that night. 


Urban Cellar Door

Come in and try our some wonderful wines from local winemakers, then sit down and enjoy lunch with us on Sunday the 31 st till 3pm